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Curriculum Vitae

Eric Andrew Thorson

Work Experience


2008-2009 Coalinga-Huron

2001-2007 Japan

2003-2005 Japan

Owner and operator of Everyday English and Guitar school in Niigata Japan, Teaching ESL to Japanese and Koreans  

Work experience in Coalinga-Huron Unified Work experience in Coalinga-Huron Unified School district during one year credentialed by the Fresno County Clerks Office.

Work experience in Various Japanese public schools teaching music and ESL







  Graduate " Music Performance" with distinction in the California State University Fresno

 Graduate "Music Performance" with distinction in the Fresno Community Collage

 Graduate "Music Performane" in California State University Humbolt guitar work shop.



Additional Education





 Guitar and Composition Lessons with Larry Cooperman. Master of Arts at California Institue for the Arts


 Guitar Lesson with Richard "Rico" Stover Earned a degree in Latin American Ethnomusicology from the University of California at Santa Cruz

Spoken Languages




Native Tongue



Computer Programs
  Word, Power Point, Sony Vegas Pro 10, Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Excel, Finale Make Music, Guitar Pro 5 + 6,  Adobe After Affects.
Leisure and Interests


 Video Production for Contact Music Publishing. Sound engineering.

 Memember of JREF including science activities for kids.

 Sports swimming and basketball

 Fine Arts photo enhancements and various computer game design software



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